Treats Insomnia and Anxiety

Insomnia and anxiety affect millions of people, and sufferers often seek the care of health specialists for relief. At least one-third of the population experiences insomnia at some point in their lives, according to SleepMed. Likewise, more than 19 million adults suffer from anxiety. Jujubes may offer help. They contain compounds that have a sedative effect, according to Nutraceutical Research.

The potent chemical extracted from jujubes, jujuboside A, affects the hippocampus in the brain and is often used as a natural sleep aid. Jujubes can be used to treat both insomnia and anxiety. Jujube extract proves to be a natural alternative to prescription sedatives and anxiolytics.

Improves Immune Function

Antioxidants help defend the body from damaging free radicals. These free radicals interact with cells, damage vital components and may trigger diseases and aging. Because jujubes contain a large amount of antioxidants, they can help improve the immune system and overall health. They have a strengthening effect and contain plenty of phytochemicals, according to the aforementioned African Journal of Biotechnology article.

Their impressive nutritional content also includes a notable amount of vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B2. Jujubes also contain vital minerals, such as manganese, iron, phosphorus and calcium. These elements work synergistically to create general health and well being and bolster the immune system.

Protects the Liver

The Journal of Ethnopharmacology reported in April 2009 that jujubes have a positive effect on the liver. They found that the jujube offers protection against liver injury by acting as an antioxidant. Oxidative stress, according to NetDoctor, is the process by which free radicals negatively affect the body, causing disease and aging. Antioxidants sweep up the free radicals and offset their effects. Fortunately, jujubes contain chemical compounds that help fight this oxidative damage.


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A video I found on youtube that teaches you how to make Korean date & ginger tea:


Main Ingredients

  • 20 Dried Dates (10 oz)
  • ¼ Cup Ginger
  • 6 Cups Water
  • ½ Cup Honey
  • Some Dates and Pine Nuts for Garnishing 

    I personally like to make mine a little differently. I wash the dried dates first and then I cut them into halves. I boil 3 cups of water on high and then I add in my dates with two slices of ginger. I add in 2 cinnamon sticks or two tablespoons of cinnamon sugar and swoosh the water around a few times and let it boil for 20 minutes or so. Your house will smell amazing!!! Once the pulp starts to come out of the date, I use a wooden ladle to squeeze out the flavor from the dates. Once the water has a thicker consistency, I add another cup of water and taste to see if it's ready. If it's sweet and flavorful, you are ready to pour it into a strainer and drink the tea! It soothes your throat if you have a cold and warms up your whole body. No sugar or honey necessary if you do it my way. The cinnamon and natural flavors from the dates will make naturally sweet!

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