I love this Korean lady! Her name is Anna Kim on "Korean Cuisine" and she makes all the dishes look so fun and doable. If you want look her up on Youtube, she has 27 different videos. She takes requests so if you want to learn how to make something, you can always shoot her an email!

I didn't have ginseng or scallions but I tried to do what she did and the whole house smells so yummy! Can't wait to eat it with my husband tonight.

Ingredients I used for my "Samgyetang":

- Two small cornish hen (you can buy this for super cheap at the Korean market)
- Finely diced garlic (I didn't have garlic cloves at home so I just went with what I had but I think whole garlic cloves would've been better).
- Red Jujubes (I cut mine into smaller pieces so that it would add more flavor)
- Sticky sweet rice (It's what you stuff the chicken with)
- Small slice of ginger
- Salt and pepper for seasoning

In Korea, it is widely believed that "samgyetang" can both cure and prevent physical ailments and have been used in eastern medicinal practices since ancient times. Proteins, minerals, and hormones from the whole chicken mixed with the beneficial properties of the ingredients combined in the dish is supposed to make it a revered culinary item in South Korea. In the summer a lot of people eat it to regain stamina because samgyetang is supposed to have a lot of beneficial nutrients.


My typical breakfast looks a lot like this one. Yogurt, fruits, and sometimes nuts or granola to add texture. I buy a pack of yogurt at Costco and eat 1-2 cups a day. I really like "Activia", "Yoplait", or the "Chobani" brand. I usually switch off every now and then. My husband particularly likes plain Greek yogurt. It's really thick and doesn't taste as good but it's full of protein (23 grams) and has 0% fat.

My favorite way to eat plain Greek yogurt is to add granola, blueberries, and sprinkle the top with honey! The more honey, the yummier!

I really like yogurt because it's super easy to eat and has a lot of health benefits. Sometimes when I'm craving a late night snack or want to eat something really light before heading to the gym, I'll eat a cup of yogurt to hold me over and keep me from filling up on junk food. Yoplait has some amazing flavors. I tend to like the lemon flavored ones. It tastes good slightly frozen too if you are craving something sweet and cold.

Here are some other yogurt combos I like:

"10 Surprising Health Benefits of Yogurt"

(Article by By Amanda Pressner on Fitness Magazine)

1. Yogurt can give you flat abs.

Eat 18 ounces a day and you can drop a jeans size. People who ate that much -- in conjunction with cutting their total calories -- lost 22 percent more weight and 81 percent more belly fat than dieters who skipped the snack, according to research from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. They also retained one-third more calorie-torching lean muscle mass, which can help you maintain weight loss. "Fat around your waist produces the hormone cortisol, which tells your body to accumulate even more belly flab," says nutrition professor and lead study author Michael Zemel, PhD. When you eat yogurt, the calcium signals your fat cells to pump out less cortisol, making it easier for you to drop pounds, while the amino acids help burn fat.

2. Most brands of yogurt contain good-for-you bacteria.

The words "live and active cultures" on the container mean that your yogurt has probiotics, beneficial bugs that live in your digestive tract and help crowd out harmful microorganisms that can cause intestinal infections. (Only a very small number of companies put yogurt through a post-pasteurization process that kills off all bacteria.)

But many varieties now also contain special strains of probiotics meant to help regulate your digestion or strengthen your immune system. The research on them isn't conclusive, however. "If you suffer from a particular health problem, like bloating or diarrhea, it's worth trying one of these products for a couple of weeks to see if it helps," says FITNESS advisory board member Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD. Otherwise, save a few dollars and stick to conventional brands.

3. Yogurt is loaded with vitamins.

One serving is a significant source of potassium, phosphorous, riboflavin, iodine, zinc, and vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). Yogurt also contains B12, which maintains red blood cells and helps keep your nervous system functioning properly. "Vitamin B12 is found mostly in animal products, such as chicken and fish, so strict vegetarians can easily fall short," says Jackie Newgent, RD, a FITNESS advisory board member and author of Big Green Cookbook. Eating more yogurt can help close the nutrient gap: An eight-ounce serving contains 1.4 micrograms of the vitamin, about 60 percent of what adult women need daily.

4. A cup of yogurt a day can help you recover faster after a workout.

With the right ratio of protein to carbohydrates, yogurt, particularly high-protein Greek yogurt, makes an excellent post-sweat-session snack. "The perfect time to grab a container is within 60 minutes of exercise," says Keri Gans, RD, a nutritionist in New York City. The protein provides the amino acids your muscles need to repair themselves, Gans explains, and the carbohydrates replace your muscles' energy stores, which are depleted after a hard workout. It's a bonus if you drink a bottle of water along with it: The protein in yogurt may also help increase the amount of water absorbed by the intestines, improving hydration.

5. Not all yogurt is equal when it comes to calcium and vitamin D.

Since it naturally contains calcium, you'd think the amount would be the same no matter which yogurt you pick. Wrong. "The levels can vary widely from brand to brand, so you really need to check the label," Newgent says. How much is in a container depends on processing. For instance, fruit yogurt tends to have less calcium than plain because the sugar and fruit take up precious space in the container. "Vitamin D isn't naturally in yogurt, but because it helps boost calcium absorption, most companies add it," Newgent explains. Reach for brands like Stonyfield Farms Fat Free Smooth and Creamy and Yoplait Light Thick & Creamy, which contain at least 20 percent of your daily value for both nutrients.

6. Yogurt may prevent high blood pressure.

Every day 70 percent of us consume more than twice the recommended amount of salt; over time that can lead to hypertension and kidney and heart disease. The potassium in yogurt, almost 600 milligrams per eight ounces, may help flush some of the excess sodium out of your body. In fact, adults in a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition who ate the most low-fat dairy -- two or more servings daily -- were 54 percent less likely to develop high blood pressure than those who ate the least.

7. A daily serving of yogurt keeps colds away.

Dig into four ounces each day and you may find yourself sniffle-free in the months ahead, according to a study at the University of Vienna. Women eating this amount had much stronger and more active T cells, which battle illness and infection, than they did before they started consuming it. "The healthy bacteria in yogurt help send signals to the immune-boosting cells in your body to power up and fight off harmful bugs," says lead study author Alexa Meyer, PhD, a nutrition researcher at the university. Allergy sufferers, who typically have low levels of certain T cells, may also find relief by adding yogurt to their diets. In a study in the Journal of Nutrition, people who ate seven ounces a day had fewer symptoms than those who opted for none at all.

8. Yogurt can help your smile.

Despite its sugar content, yogurt doesn't cause cavities. When scientists at Marmara University in Turkey tested low-fat, light, and fruit flavors, they found that none of them eroded tooth enamel, the main cause of decay. The lactic acid in yogurt appears to give your gums protection as well. People who eat at least two ounces a day have a 60 percent lower risk of acquiring severe periodontal disease than those who skip it.

9. Raw doesn't mean better.

Virtually all the yogurt in your grocery store has been pasteurized -- that is, exposed to high temperatures to kill any harmful pathogens. Raw-dairy fans claim that unpasteurized milk, yogurt, and cheese are better for you because they contain more health-boosting bacteria, but pasteurization doesn't destroy beneficial probiotics, Newgent explains. Plus, studies show that those who eat raw yogurt don't have stronger immune or digestive systems than people who stick to the pasteurized stuff. And raw-dairy products carry a risk of food poisoning. "E. coli and salmonella are two of the pathogens that can lurk in these foods and end up in your body," Newgent says.

10. Yogurt is a high-protein food.

Yogurt can be an excellent source of protein, but "one variety may contain more than double the protein of another," Blatner says. Greek yogurt, which is strained to make it thicker, has up to 20 grams of protein per container; traditional yogurt may have as few as five grams. If you're eating it for the protein, look for brands that provide at least eight to 10 grams per serving.

(I also heard that if you eat a lot of plain (non-sweetened) yogurt, you are less likely to develop a yeast infection. The good bacteria in plain yogurt helps fight yeast and bad breath!)


What is BB cream? My mom gave me this cute little miniature set with four different kinds of BB creams and so I did a little research on the web to find out what it is and why it's so popular in Korea. Watch this youtube video from "head to toe". They do a review on all the different kinds of BB cream out on the market.

Why people love it so much! Watch this "Skin79 BB Cream: Better Than Foundation!" youtube video by missglamorazzi.

Skincare, primer, and foundation all in one!

The miniature set is great because you can try all four of them and see which one you like the most! It's only $9.10 on Amazon right now. I haven't really had a chance to use all of them yet but I tried the "Pearl Luminous Beblesh Balm" and I really liked the way it brightened up my skin. I personally don't like to wear any kind of makeup base on top of my moisturizer and sunscreen. I don't like anything that feels heavy or caked on my face which is why I avoid foundations even though it has better coverage. I feel like my skin can't breathe when I layer too much stuff on. However the BB creams have both moisturizer and sunscreen and is supposed to cover up your blemishes while treating your skin. I'm really excited to try it out!

After trying them out, I definitely like this one the best! It looks really natural on my skin and doesn't make me look ghostly pale.


My friend got me this trial set on my birthday and so far, it's on the top of my list for skincare! It's called the "Beautiful Skin Collection" by My Chelle Dermaceuticals. I've been using it for several months now and I feel like it really brightens up my skin after use. I love that they use natural ingredients and stay away from harsh chemicals that can do more harm than good to your skin. When I use it, my face feels really soft and supple. It doesn't dry out my skin like other products and it smells yummy!

Fruit Enzyme Cleanser 4.4 ozStep 1All Skin Types
Exfoliating, sulfate-free cleanser with Fruit AHAs for fresh, smooth skin.
Benefits: Vegan friendly, gluten free
NOP Certified Organic
Ecocert Certified Organic
Recommended for: All skin types


Gentle deep cleanser uncovers remarkably fresh, smooth skin. A special blend of natural multi-fruit Alpha-Hydroxy Acids unclog and purify pores, and increase cellular turnover for a more youthfully refined look. Strengthening and antioxidant Turmeric keeps skin calm and eases signs of irritation, while Fructooligosaccharides from sugar promote and protect skin’s health.


For a smooth, fresh complexion, gently massage a dime-size amount onto skin with warm water. Rinse completely and follow with your treatment, serums, toner, nourishing cream and sun protection.

This product contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) that may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun. To protect your renewed skin cells and achieved results, use a sun protection, wear protective clothing and limit sun exposure.

Bioactive Ingredients of Interest

Multi Fruit AHA Complex (Acer Saccharum (Sugar Maple) Extract, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Extract, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Fruit Extract, Saccharum Officinarum (Sugar Cane) Extract, Vaccinium Myrtillus (Bilberry) Fruit/Leaf Extract) -
Naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids to help promote smoother, younger looking skin by increasing the rate of cell renewal. Stimulates the lymphatic system to encourage detoxification and skin purifying. Exhibits astringent and tightening properties while relieving congestion and limiting excess sebum (oil).

Pectin (Fruit Enzymes) -
Infuses the skin with antioxidants and phytochemicals that assist in skin repair functions, protects from cellular damage and free radical assault, stimulates cell renewal and exfoliation mechanisms. Also used as a natural polymer that increases ingredient cohesion and water resistance.

Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Root Extract -
Strengthens the capillaries through vaso-tonic actions, relieves inflammation, provides antioxidant protection.

Fructooligosaccharides (D-beta) (NutraFlora®) -
A pre-biotic from naturally occurring carbohydrates that promote healthy surface bacteria to protect the skin from harmful bacteria invasions.

Fruit Enzyme Mist 4.4 ozStep 4All Skin Types
Antioxidant-rich, hydrating toner to ease the look of uneven skin tone.
Benefits: Vegetarian friendly, gluten free
Recommended for: All skin types


Powerfully repairs youthful radiance, firmness and tone while protecting moisture levels and rehydrating for superior moisture regulation. Antioxidant Turmeric strengthens and vitamin c-rich super fruit Mangosteen supports collagen to help skin maintain youthful-looking firmness and structure. Pectin and Pineapple help resurface by boosting natural exfoliation for ultra-soft and smooth skin.


With eyes closed, hold toner 12 inches from face and mist after cleansing and applying serums. Follow with nourishing cream and sun protection. Use throughout the day to rehydrate.

Pumpkin Renew Cream 1 ozStep 5All Skin Types
Rich Pumpkin formula moisturizes and protects daily cellular renewal.
Benefits: Vegan friendly, gluten free
Recommended for: All skin types


Lightweight yet nourishing formula blends antioxidant-rich Pumpkin Seed Oil with reparative Peptides to protect cellular health and maintain hydration. Astaxanthin, from Micro-Algae, neutralizes free radicals while reducing moisture loss. EGF Peptides promote cellular renewal and collagen production. Organic Shea Butter and Tocomin Vitamin E replenish skin’s lipid barrier to prevent dehydration.


For beautifully hydrated and balanced skin, apply a dime-size amount to face and neck AM and PM after cleansing, serums application and toning. Be sure to follow with sun protection every morning.

Bioactive Ingredients of Interest

Organic Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) -
Alleviates dryness, reduces erythema, provides antioxidant protection, soothes and relieves tight dry skin.

Organic Cucurbita Pepo (Pumpkin) Seed Oil -
Antioxidant, lipid balancing oil that infuses the skin with phytochemicals that prevent disease while lipids normalize the lipid barrier to protect from infection.

rh-Oligopeptide-1 (Epidermal Growth Factor) -
A polypeptide responsible for growth and repair of epidermis (cellular tissue healing). Stimulates growth of fibroblast cells responsible for collagen production and encourages production of hyaluronic acid. Stimulates various pathways that lead to tissue growth, strengthens tissue, assists in thickening over processed skin, improves cellular matrix.

Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Oil (Tocomin®), Tocotrienols, Tocopherol (D-Alpha) -
Component of natural full spectrum Vitamin E family (tocotrienol / tocopherol complex) extracted from palm fruit. Abundant in antioxidants and phytonutrients such as plant squalene, phytosterols, co-enzyme Q10 and mixed carotenoids.

(Information taken from: www.mychelle.com/Beautiful-Skin-Collection)

If you are almost out of skincare products and you are looking for something new and exciting, I definitely recommend this trial kit! It's $34.99 so if you just want to test it out for your skin, it's probably much cheaper to go that route than to buy each individual product on its own. I think out of the three products I like the cleanser the most. The one in the trial kit is small enough to take on travel with you so I just keep it in my toiletry bag. You only need a small drop each time you wash your face so it'll last a few months. The pumpkin renewal cream will last you much longer than the cleanser and spray. Anyways, I hope you give it a try!

Another facial cleanser I really like is the "Bliss - Fabulous Foaming Face Wash". The first time I ever used it was at the "W Hotel" because they give you sample sized bottles during your stay. I love the smell and the way it makes my face feel clean and tingly afterwards. My husband and I both used this product for a few months. The only thing I don't like about it is, I think it over exfoliates your skin if you use it too often.

Product Description
2-in-1 oil-free exfoliating face wash Contains rose hip extract, milk thistle, passion flower & chamomile Lifts away daily debris, dead skin cells & impurities Cleanses without stripping moisture Leaves skin clean, pure & fresh Perfect for all skin types - Bliss - Cleanser

Right now you can buy a 6.6oz bottle for $22.00 on Amazon or Sephora.


Shiseido’s Skin Care

Perfect, soft and supple skin holds sufficient hydration. In order to retain the right amount of moisture, skin needs a natural moisturizer and sebum. Perfect skin has an exquisite balance of water, sebum, and humectants.

The Shiseido Skincare 1-2-3 brings your skin moisture and smoothness better than the average cleansing and moisturizing routine. The first step is to cleanse the skin. The gentle cleansers lift off the dirt and other environmental factors that have settled upon the skin and leaves the natural sebum your body needs. The secret is the second or softening step. Unlike other multi step systems that involve stripping the skin with toners, Shiseido actually softens the outer layers of skin with lotions that allow the following moisturizers to effectively penetrate deep into the skin. The final step in Shiseido’s 1-2-3 regimen is the moisturizing step. The moisturizer helps to repair the skin and reduce the signs of aging. The moisturizer also acts as a barrier against environmental pollution and UV rays.

I personally love Shiseido products because I think it fits the Asian skin very well. I like their facial cleansing products, their toners, their night and day moisturizers and I LOVE their sun protection line.


The sun does the most damage to your skin so it's important to apply sunscreen every single day whether you are going out or not. I'm really sensitive to a lot of sunscreens so I try to pick the ones that don't feel too oily or melt into my eyes.


I've been using their "Sun Protection Compact Foundation SPF30 Face Powder" ever since I started to wear face makeup. It's super light and covers well. Plus it protects your skin from sun damage and doesn't leave that yucky feeling foundation does. It also matches my skin tone very well so sometimes people can't even tell I'm wearing makeup. I've tried other face makeup before but I always seem to come back to this one. If you guys have any suggestions, please let me know! I am always very curious to know what other facial products people use.

"Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant"

A skin care system researched and developed by The International Dermal Institute. Recommended for all skin conditions This unique Rice-based powder formula activates upon contact with water, releasing Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes that micro-exfoliate dead cells, instantly leaving skin smoother and brighter. Our unique Skin Brightening Complex of Aspergillus, Grapefruit and Licorice helps to balance uneven skin pigmentation while a super-smoothing blend of Green Tea, Ginkgo and Colloidal Oatmeal helps to calm the skin, leaving it extraordinarily clear and refreshed. Gentle enough to use on a daily basis. Not recommended for users of medically-prescribed exfoliation products. Contains no artificial fragrance or color. Ask your skin therapist for a Face Mapping session and your customized zone-by-zone prescription.

I used this product for 3 years or so. Because it's in powder form, it lasts a REALLY long time. I think the only thing I didn't like about this one is the fact that sometimes I felt like I was inhaling some of it through my nose! Other than that, I loved the way it felt on my skin. It is very gentle and makes your skin smooth and even.

"MD FORMULATION MY SOLUTION: Adult Anti-Blemish Kit 5pcs Skincare"

My Solution: Adult Anti-Blemish Kit: 1x Facial Cleanser 60ml 1x Vit-A-Plus Cleaning Complex 10ml 1x Moisture Defense Antioxidant Lotion 15ml This clinically formulated kit effectively clears blemishes 1x Sun Total Protector 30 10ml 1x Continuous Renewal Serum 30ml Not irritating or over-drying of skin Helps diminishes visible signs of skin aging Fills out acne scars of past breakouts Perfect for adults experience blemishes - breakouts & enlarged pores

If you have acne prone skin, this really helps get rid of any pimples or blemishes!