"Organization" is going to be the key theme for me in 2012. I realize that being organized can not only make you feel less cluttered but it can also save you a lot of time! Time is precious... especially in the morning when you are rushing out the door to work or after work when you are rushing out to dinner. Life is really busy and as girls we have a lot to deal with already including our hair, our clothes, accessories, shoes, and of course the makeup! So step #1 was for me to clean out my closet and now step #2 is organizing my makeup.

For the longest time I had about 5-6 small to medium sized bags of makeup all over my bathroom drawers and closet. I guess for those of you who have a vanity table, your makeup is already pretty organized. I have a long ways mirror that I like to get ready in front of in our bedroom so the floor can be quite messy if I don't do a good job of putting things away after I do my makeup. Sooo... For Christmas I put this makeup case on my wishlist and my cousin Lana got it for me. (Thank you Lana!)

Now I can finally organize all of my makeup and consolidate all of my tiny makeup bags into one! So excited to start organizing! It's going to take away all of the clutter and make it so much easier for me to find exactly what I need. Organizing things will also help me throw out a lot of old makeup that I don't need or use anymore and sometimes the best thing about cleaning things out is you find things you totally forgot you had.

You can buy this on

It's called the Shany Silver Aluminum Makeup Case and it weighs 4lbs. If you aren't a makeup artist, I wouldn't recommend you to take it on travel with you but it's a great thing to keep at home.

I will post a picture when I'm all done organizing mine! I hope it all fits! Let me know if you have any good tips on how you organize your makeup.



I am finally done emptying out all of my little makeup bags and consolidating them into one big case!

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