Last week I went to see a dermatologist for the very first time because I started to form these annoying rashes on my elbows and knees. I also had these tiny little clear bumps on my hands that were so small you could barely see them and they would sometimes itch like crazy. If you looked super closely, you could see this small dot smack in the middle of it but it was impossible to pop. Anyways... It drove me crazy! I thought I was allergic to something or had a serious skin condition so I booked an appointment after 3 weeks of hoping it would go away on its own.

I tried a bunch of over-the-counter medicines like hydrocortisone creams, benadryl, benadryl cream, and Kheils extra strength moisturizer but none of it worked. Finally I asked my doctor if she could recommend a dermatologist and she directed me to this place. I can't thank her enough for it because the ointment the Dr. prescribed me made such a big difference! I wish I would've just gone in sooner instead of being my stubborn self. I changed my bedding, changed my laundry detergent to a non-allergenic one, and even changed my body wash to Cetafil thinking they all had something to do with it.

Anyways here's a before and after picture of my elbow.

This was before... So gross huh? Sorry. I just had to post it for you to see haha.

and this is after!

Thank GOD for Dr. Stuart. She was so sweet, so easy to talk to, and she made it all go away! Well, I still have to put on the ointment for another week or so but it's already made such a drastic difference. She pretty much said I had dermatitis and that it can be caused by sweat, pressure, heat, or friction. She said yoga and working out at the gym a lot could've caused it or me taking frequent hot showers. Now I'm going to make sure I super sanitize everything at the gym including my yoga mat! Also, she said the little tiny bumps on my hands are caused by me washing my hands too often. My friend told me the same thing but of course I didn't believe her haha. I do have to admit, I wash my hands A LOT! I guess I need to be a little less OCD about germs on my hands...

Anyways, if anyone has skin problems and is interested in going in for a consultation with Dr. Stuart you can go to and set up an appointment. She is awesome!

She's also specialized in laser treatments. I felt like I was on the Kardashians when I walked into her office and saw all the celebrity botox pics. Haha. Glad my procedure didn't require any needles or shots!

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