If you have a ton of shoes in your closet and don't have enough space for more, I recommend you get this hanging shoe organizer for your closet door! It seriously saves you so much room and neatly organizes your shoes. I put my heels on one side and my flats on the other side. It's easily visible and super cheap to buy. Now I'm officially done cleaning out my closet, cleaning out my shoes, and cleaning out my makeup bags!

Another thing I bought two years ago that I highly recommend for the car:

I tend to carry around a lot of shoes in the back of my car because I always figure I might need a few extra pairs for last minute emergencies or a change of plans! For example, if you are going to the gym after work or you want to switch to heels after walking around in flats all day, its nice to have some extra pairs of shoes readily available. This collapsible shoe organizer sits in the back my of trunk and not only does it store my shoes, but when I buy groceries, I can expand it and make sure my stuff doesn't roll around and make a mess in the back of my car.

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