Things you need:

- Pick a large open space with few distractions and clutter. It also helps to be near a window to get in some sunlight and natural lighting.
- Yoga mat (You can buy really affordable mats at Ross stores for $9-$14)
- Yoga dvd/video
- A small fan
- A pillow and a light blanket
- A bottle of water
- And a chair/blocks if you are pregnant, have back problems, or want to modify your practice.
- TV or audio to help guide you through different poses (If you have an Ipad or Iphone, you can download free yoga apps) or if you have Netflix or can access Hulu, there are plenty of videos you can choose from without having to buy or rent a DVD.

During winters sometimes I like a little heat so I just use a mini heater to keep my body warm while I stretch out my muscles. I also love candlelight yoga. Makes me feel calm and relaxed sort of like taking a bath.

You can also use a sling or a rope to stretch out your legs. It feels really good especially for pregnant women who have a lot of pressure on their feet/legs from all the extra pounds they have to carry. You can elevate them while lying down or keep it low. You can also bring it out to your side to get a good inner thigh stretch.

The best time to do yoga for me is in the mornings when the sun is barely coming out and my stomach is empty. You should always wait at least two hours after a big meal before you do yoga.

If you want to improve your posture and poses, a wall mirror can also help you fix your stances. Yoga balls are also really great to stretch out your back and help you do ab workouts.

Even if it's just 30 minutes of light stretching and meditation, yoga can start you off to a great day or help you to sleep better at night. Just relax, unwind, breathe deep, and let the blood and oxygen circulate throughout your body. Sitting in a quiet and peaceful setting listening to positive mantras can help you rebuild your confidence and energy!

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