Of all makeup items, I think my favorite has always been blush! Even if you don't wear a lot of makeup, blush can really brighten up your face even after a long day. Here are some of my new favorites!

"MELBA" - I really like this peachy color on my skin. I recently went on youtube to see makeup reviews and a lot of Asian girls recommended this color from MAC. I went to the nearest Nordstroms and it was so popular, that they didn't have any more in stock. Even the girl at the counter had it on and she mentioned it was one of Kim Kardashian's favorite blush. I eventually had to go to another MAC store to pick one up and so far, I've been loving it.It sort of gives you that sunkissed glow and it also goes well with my new MAC lipstick called - "Please Me". Here's a picture of a girl wearing it. 

The most current best selling blush at SEPHORA is "ORGASM" by NARS. It's another pinky-peach color but with some gold shimmer added into the mix. They also come in sticks which I think is super convenient. Here is a picture of Leighton Meester sporting "SUPER ORGASM". According to the Nars makeup artist, he used a combination of NARS The Multiple Bronzer in Tuomota, The Multiple in Maldive, topped off with the new Nars Super Orgasm. 

An old time favorite of mine from MAC is "PINK SWOON". It's not as pigmented because it's more of a sheer tone blush but with a few strokes of application, it gives you that pink doll faced look! Super cute.


I would say the one I've been using the most is "DOLLYMIX". I absolutely love this one. Especially after a long day where I feel like my face looks tired and washed out. It immediately brings color back onto my face. It is a lot stronger than "PINK SWOON" so you don't need as much when you put it on.

Another cool product to try is the Maybelline "Dream Bouncy" blushes! They don't last as long as the MAC blushes but I think they are a lot of fun and you can try a variety of colors because they are so much cheaper.

They really do feel soft and bouncy when you put your finger on it! Sort of like a sponge but not wet. More of a creamy texture. You can even use it for your eyelids. I would go for the more bold colors like "hot tamale" because the light pink ones don't really show up as well. They do work well for the eyes though. :)

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