Morning Meditation

Before you start your day, take 10 minutes to spend some time in peace and quiet. Sit still or lie down on a yoga mat. Soak in the sunlight coming through the blinds and take a deep breath in through your nose, and a slow elongated breath out through your nose. Listen to your breath. It should sound like the small waves of the ocean or the blowing of the wind. Yogis call this the "Ujjayi Breath" which is one of the most important elements in yoga. Ujjayi means "victory" in Sanskrit. When it enters your lungs you should feel like you are building heat throughout your body and ridding toxins from your inner organs. This will unlock a powerful healing process. Continue your breathing and feel the warmth circulating throughout your body. Starting with your head, your fingertips, and all the way down to your little toes. Feel God's love for you and help him to ignite your light. Remove all the distractions that cloud your mind and remove all the things that clutter your life. This is your time. Don't let anything or anyone take this time away from you.

A simple 10 minute exercise like this can start you off to a better day! I hope you try it!


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