A Brief Introduction to my Blog "Raw Beauty"

Do you feel tired, fatigued, and weighed down by the all the junk in your life? Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and not like what you see? Maybe it's the bags under your eyes from working too hard, or the new sunspot that just popped up from nowhere, or the belly fat that never seems to go away. The list can go on and on.  I think we all know what our greatest insecurities are. After all, we as women can be pretty critical about ourselves. Many of us try to mask our insecurities with expensive skincare products, cosmetics, or fashionable clothes but do you ever have days when none of it seems to work? Nothing looks right and you are left feeling unsatisfied and frustrated with your self-image. Even the $3000 Gucci bag you bought isn't making you feel worth $3000. Why is that?

Sometimes we get by day-to-day just making up excuses for ourselves. I am the first one to admit here that I am guilty of making every excuse you can think of. I think for the past few years I drowned myself in work life, married life, social life, but hardly spent enough time investing in myself. I forgot to take a few moments a day to meditate, pray, and have some "me time" because of my lame excuses of being "too busy". We can never achieve anything if we continue to make excuses for ourselves so I challenge everyone reading this blog to take this journey along side me. Whether you are young, old, married, single, or married with children, let's not forget to invest in the raw beauty that stems from the core. Starting with simple exercises, a healthy diet, and a balanced life, we can take baby steps towards our goals to becoming healthier, stronger, and more beautiful women.

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