I don't know about you but when I watch the annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show, I am mesmerized and completely dazzled by all the drop dead gorgeous models walking down the runway wearing the most elaborate collection of couture lingerie and sportswear. Their confidence shines through their fierce catwalks, goddess bodies, upright postures, and captivating smiles. It's hard not to admire every part of them. The reality is girls, not many humans ACTUALLY look this good. Don't forget these girls are supermodels. They are "super" for a reason. They work out daily, they have the best fitness trainers in the world, they were blessed with really good genes, and it's their full time job to look as gorgeous as possible. Sounds like an easy life but I'm sure it's extremely difficult to have that kind of pressure to look good all the time. The thing that amazes me more than anything else is that most of them have children and bounce right back into their bombshell bodies. It's pretty amazing. Anyways, every year I use the VS Fashion Show to motivate me to lose the love handles and shape up for the New Year. Here are some short workout videos by my very favorite Victoria Secret Angels!

Some work out tips by Miranda Kerr

The hardest thing to lose on my body is the lower belly fat and thighs. I guess it's different for each person but I think most of us girls tend to have similar problem areas especially after we hit our late 20's. Our metabolism slows down, we gain weight easily, and have a harder time making it to the gym because we have more responsibilities. I think if you just commit yourself to doing 30 minutes of ab and butt workouts a day, it would show significant results. You can maximize your workout by focusing on your problem areas after burning off some calories running on a treadmill or an elliptical machine. If you have knee problems, I definitely suggest you use an elliptical machine. I tend to like treadmills better because I feel like there is more resistance and I feel myself burning more calories when I run. The thing about running on a treadmill though is that it tends to be extremely boring. I need to listen to fast beat hip hop or techno music or I will be drained after the first mile. Sometimes it's funny but I find myself watching The Food Network while I'm running and I can't help but think about all the things I want to eat after I'm done. DO NOT DO THAT. Haha. The more you exercise the bigger your appetite will be also because you are burning a lot of calories. You may not notice yourself losing weight right away but after a few weeks, you will start to feel lighter and your metabolism will speed up again. I was worried I was putting on a ton of weight during Thanksgiving week/weekend but to my surprise, I actually lost weight. I ate everything I wanted, including all the desserts and fatty things you should avoid during the holidays but I guess working out everyday prior to my gluttonous weekend did make somewhat of a difference. Please be careful not to lose TOO much weight. If you are already a skinny or petite person, try to keep your cardio workout to a minimum (like 20 minutes) and focus on toning your muscles and strengthening your core instead. You want to look healthy, not skeletal.

Workout-day with Candice Swanepoel


Ooh I love these yoga ball routines! Gonna try it out at the gym today!


"There's a lot of energy in this body. I can run, I can surf, I can do yoga, I can go out and dance, I can work, I can play with my daughter. I'm very energetic. My body means life to me." - Allesandra Ambrosio

I don't know why but this video clip motivates me to want to love my body also. God gave us such amazing bodies to do such amazing things and often times we forget to remind ourselves that are body is capable of doing so many things beyond our own imagination. Each of our bodies are so unique and so special. Some of us are curvy, some of us are slender, some of us are long, and some of us are short. No matter what kind of body we have, we all have the ability to do so much yet we often tell ourselves "I can't do this. I can't do that." Why is that? Like Allesandra, let's remind ourselves to love our bodies by staying healthy, fit, and youthful no matter how old we are.

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