If you have never been to a yoga class before and want to get started, I highly recommend taking the one week free trial at "corepower Yoga". They have very clean facilities and from my own experience, they have super friendly staff who are excited to help you get healthier and more fit! The thing I like most about the one week trial is that you can check out all the different kinds of classes they offer with no pressure to sign-up! They just ask you for your general information and bind you to no contract unless you choose to do so.

On your first day, they give you a free towel and a mat if you need one. I would bring my own mat. The ones they have are sanitized but they still smell like someone else's sweat sometimes. They usually sell yoga mats at Ross for super cheap. I bought mine for $7-$10 dollars. Make sure you don't eat anything 1 hour prior to the yoga class. Having food in your stomach will make you feel nauseous. Bring a pretty big bottle of water. You will definitely need it especially if you are taking a hot yoga class. There will be sweat dripping down your body so you will need to hydrate yourself throughout the practice. Don't wear loose clothing because it'll interfere with your postures and get in the way of you seeing the instructor. By the time you are halfway through the class, you will seriously want to take any loose piece of clothing off. Girls, wear a sports bra because you will be bending over in a lot of different ways and it wont be very comfortable if you are constantly worried about your shirt flashing the guy next to you.

My favorite class and the class I would recommend for any beginners would be the C1.5 class. Even though it's a beginners class, it's quite challenging but not to the point where you never want to come back again. You will literally drip in sweat because it's 90 degrees and you are in there for 75 minutes or so. If you are a self conscious person, take the candlelit C1.5 class. The room is pretty dark so you will feel less worried about people looking at you. I like to stand in front of the mirror because it helps me to see the instructor better and helps me to focus on correcting my postures. If you want something more intense, Hot Power Fusion is probably the best class to take. Just make sure you go at your own pace and don't feel shy to modify your postures if it's too hard. Yoga takes a lot of time to get used to and within a month you will see drastic improvements if you commit to going at least 2-3 times a week.

If you are already a regular with yoga and are interested in becoming a yoga instructor, corepower offers a teacher training course as well. You have to put in a certain amount of hours and they get you on your way to making a career out of your daily practice!

Corepower has several different locations and are continuing to expand. You can check yourself in at any one of their studios during your free trial week. If you live in San Diego, you are in luck because they have a studio in Mission Valley, North Park, Hillcrest, and Point Loma. They offer classes everyday (including the weekends) so you can take an early morning class before work or a late night class after work. Going with a friend is probably the best way to keep you motivated but if you are a self-motivator, you can totally go on your own and meet new friends there. :) I don't know if it's just the San Diego studios but people who usually come to these classes are drop dead gorgeous. They alone will motivate you to come. All you single guys out there are missing out! Haha.

Anyways, here is the link to their website: http://www.corepoweryoga.com

New Students: One Week of Free Yoga!

CorePower Yoga Free Yoga CouponGone is the myth that yoga is boring or that it’s simply stretching in a quiet room.  A CorePower Yoga class combines heat, music, breath and movement for an intense and energizing experience. If you’re looking to increase strength and flexibility, lose weight, manage stress, or just find out what the buzz is about, you’ll see why so many people are hooked on this extraordinary workout!
Right now, we’re offering new and local students a FREE WEEK of unlimited yoga classes.  Of course, there is much more to CorePower Yoga than a great offer:

  • Feel the Heat:  Great music. Strength conditioning.  Cardio training.  Balance and breath.  CorePower yoga is high energy and torches calories.
  • Hot Time, Anytime: Sweat it out in one of our heated or unheated yoga classes conveniently scheduled all day, everyday.
  • Warm People:  Beginner?  Advanced? Somewhere in between?  Our expert instructors and friendly community welcome you.
To start your free week, print this coupon and bring it to the studio.

To find a location near you, scroll down for CorePower Yoga studio locations.
Note: the Free Week coupon is valid for new and local students only.

Yoga Class Descriptions

CorePower Yoga - Power Vinyasa:

  • CorePower Yoga 1 (C1) - beginner-level CorePower Yoga class, room temperature (80 degrees), 60 minutes
  • CorePower Yoga 1.5 (C1.5; formerly CAF) - between a C1 and a C2 class; designed with a focus on alignment for beginner students before transitioning to a C2 class; all levels, 90 degrees, 60 minutes
  • CorePower Yoga 2 (C2) - intermediate, open (all levels) CorePower Yoga class, 95 degrees with humidity, 60 or 75 minutes
CorePower Yoga 3 (C3) - advanced CorePower Yoga class, 95 degrees with humidity, 60 or 75 minutes

CorePower Hot Yoga: intermediate, all levels class incorporating a series of 26 static postures performed in a precise order; 100 degrees with humidity, 60, 75 or 90 minutes.
Hot Power Fusion: beginner-friendly, all levels; a combination of Power Vinyasa yoga and the 26 static postures of the traditional Hot Yoga class; 97 degrees with humidity, 60 minutes.
Yoga-Pilates: a beginner-friendly, all levels blend of CorePower Yoga & mat Pilates; 90 - 95 degrees with humidity, 60 minutes
Yoga Sculpt: intermediate-level CorePower Yoga 2 class with free weights; 90 - 95 degrees with humidity, 60 or 75 minutes
CoreRestore: CoreRestore for all levels, not heated 60 & 75 minutes
CorePower Yoga Ryder: NEW! CorePower Yoga workouts on RealRyder™ indoor bikes.

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