I love this Korean lady! Her name is Anna Kim on "Korean Cuisine" and she makes all the dishes look so fun and doable. If you want look her up on Youtube, she has 27 different videos. She takes requests so if you want to learn how to make something, you can always shoot her an email!

I didn't have ginseng or scallions but I tried to do what she did and the whole house smells so yummy! Can't wait to eat it with my husband tonight.

Ingredients I used for my "Samgyetang":

- Two small cornish hen (you can buy this for super cheap at the Korean market)
- Finely diced garlic (I didn't have garlic cloves at home so I just went with what I had but I think whole garlic cloves would've been better).
- Red Jujubes (I cut mine into smaller pieces so that it would add more flavor)
- Sticky sweet rice (It's what you stuff the chicken with)
- Small slice of ginger
- Salt and pepper for seasoning

In Korea, it is widely believed that "samgyetang" can both cure and prevent physical ailments and have been used in eastern medicinal practices since ancient times. Proteins, minerals, and hormones from the whole chicken mixed with the beneficial properties of the ingredients combined in the dish is supposed to make it a revered culinary item in South Korea. In the summer a lot of people eat it to regain stamina because samgyetang is supposed to have a lot of beneficial nutrients.

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