So I've been noticing that my closet has been shrinking in size since I've first moved into this condo. Do you ever wake up in the morning and it takes you forever to sift through all the clothes you have but don't wear? You keep them thinking you can fit into it again or in case the fashion comes back but most likely the same item of clothing will sit in your closet without ever being worn. It's just taking up precious space!

This weekend my husband and I decided to get rid of a whole bunch of old clothes and ended up with 5 large trash bags full of junk. We dropped them off at The Rock Church's "Share Ministry" which I think is a great ministry that reaches out to those less fortunate throughout the San Diego community. Not only is my closet cleaner and more organized, I feel a lot better knowing that my old clothes aren't going straight into the dumpster. I had some good stuff in there! Perhaps some girl will fit into my old clothes better than I can and  find the same joy as I did when I actually fit into them. Haha. To make it all better I will also save a lot of time when I don't have to sift through as many outfits anymore! I swear, some of the clothes I had in there I haven't worn since years ago... What a waste of space! Now I can go shopping and have enough room to fit new clothes into my closet. :)

Sometimes getting rid of things can make your life feel a lot less cluttered.

To donate clothing, furniture, home accessories, and other items, please drop by the Share Ministry office.
Share Ministry Office
Between the hours of 9am - 11am and 5pm - 7pm

Location: 6162 Mission Gorge Road, Suite I
San Diego, CA 92120 (Drop-off is directly behind building 6160)

or contact
Melissa Alvarez
Executive Director

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  1. i definitely need to do this! thanks for reminding me :)